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Q: What is the Puerto Vallarta Discount Card?

Only the best deal in town, that's what!  The discount card is the only one of its kind in Puerto Vallarta.  Unlike coupons, the card can be used as many times as you want during your vacation, saving you up to 50% at over 160 locations throughout Puerto Vallarta, including Restaurants, Shopping, and Nightlife, as well as free cover charges, free drinks, and more!  The card works much the same way as the Cabo Fun Card.

Look for my picture at participating merchants!

Q: How much do they cost?

Unlike other discount cards in other cities, the Puerto Vallarta discount card is absolutely FREE!  But it is only available as a bonus to one of our fishing trips or tours.  We make the card and distribute it - nobody else.  If you've ever used the Cancun Discount Card in the past, this one works in a similar fashion, except that it's free and accepted many more places.

Q: How do I order one?

Book a fishing trip with us - we'll give you one for FREE!  Pretty good deal, I'd say - not only do we give you the lowest prices on fishing in town, we give you the card too!

Q: Do I have to order a fishing trip to get one?

No, it doesn't have to be fishing - it can be another tour or activity too.  We don't have the website up yet for the other activities, though, so you'll have to contact us to book another activity.  We have the best prices in town on activities and tours, so you know you're going to get a good deal, and we can get any activity for you in town - no problem!

Q: How do I use the card?

Just show the card to the participating merchant, and you'll save!  If at a restaurant, make sure to show the card when you ask for the check, not after you receive it.  In Mexico, they won't bring you the check until you ask for it, so this should be easy.

Q: How will I get the discount card?

We can either mail you the card in the U.S. before you leave, or you can pick it up in Puerto Vallarta.  We don't deliver it to the hotels, sorry.  It's too easy for it to get lost.  We'll give you the info on where to go with your confirmation.

Q: Is there a catch? Will you sell me timeshare?

No.  There is no catch.  You book a fishing trip or other activity - we give you a free card.  Simple as that!

Q: Can I buy a card if I don't want to book an activity?

No. At this time, we are only offering the card as a free bonus for activities booked.

Q: Where can I use the card? Anywhere good?

A sample of the discounts you will receive is to the right of this page.  With over 160 participating merchants, almost everywhere accepts the card, including the tourist hot spots along the Malecon, and restaurants in the Hotel Zone.  There is everything from fine dining to fast food.  For a complete list, click here.

Q: Is this a 2x1 Discount Card?

No.  While there are some discounts that are 2x1, the majority of the discounts are from 10% to 25%, free drinks, free appetizers, free cover charges, etc.




Carlos O'Brian's - Save 15%
Domino's Pizza - 2x1 Pizza
Hard Rock Cafe - Save 10%
Hooters - 2x1 Chicken Wings
Kamakura - 2x1 Dinner
Roberto's - Save 15%
Senor Frog's - Save 15%
Shrimp Factory - Save 15%
River Cafe - Save 10%
Bills Steak House - Free Drinks
Bogart's - 2x1 Dinner
El Torito - Save 15%


Carlos O'Brian's - Save 15%
Hard Rock Cafe - Save 10%
Senor Frog's - Save 15%
J& B - Free Cover
Christine's - Free Cover
The Rex - Save 10%
The Zoo - 25% off Cover
D'Santos - Free Open Bar
The Palm - Save 10%
DeWayne's Oasis - Save 10%
Zama - Save 10%
Kit Kat - Save 10%
Collage - Save 25% on Cover
   - AND MORE!


Carlos O'Brian's - Save 10%
Chico's Dive Shop - Save 10%
CMQ Drugstores - Save 25%
Diamonds Int'l - Save 40%
Jymmy's Jewelry - Save 30%
La Bohemia - Save 10%
Liquor Store - Save 6%
Liquid - Save 10%
Maya Jewelry - Save 30%
Pacific Jewelry - Save 60%
Rolling Stones Leather - 10%
Silver Land - Save 30%
Vallarta Cigar - Save 30%
   - AND OVER 50 MORE!


Acqua Gym - Save 10%
Acqua Spa - Save 15%
Chapa Tattoos - Save 10%
Curves Gym - Save 60%
D'Martha Salon - Save 10%
Unique Concierge - Save 15%
   - AND MORE!

Questions? E-Mail us at [email protected] or call us toll-free from the U.S. and Canada at 1-877-849-6496.