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Why Should I Choose Puerto Vallarta Fishing for My Sportfishing Trip?

We get that question a lot.  We like to let our customers do the talking.
Check out our customer feedback, testimonials and reviews below.

Customer Feedback & Testimonials:

"This was the best deep sea  fishing I have ever done! We caught 2 huge Mahi mahi's and my son caught an 8ft. sailfish! We had so many fish in 3 hours, we had to go back because we couldn't take any more. It was amazing!!" - Mindy from Salt Lake City, Utah

"Our Trip was a 4 hour trip on the 26' Shamrock. Our Captain German our deck hand William, we're Awesome. We caught 2 skip jack and got to see whales right beside us (: Amazing trip!! And too any questions I ever had with the company the response time was quick. Where can you fish and whale watch for such a awesome Deal... Will come back for another awesome fishing trip. Thank you for wonderful Memories!" - Gerald & Tanya from Calgary, Alberta

"The boats and crews were everything we hoped for. As for our boat, be sure to thank Miguel, Roberto and Jose for a great time.  Though I wish we had found some Dorado or Tuna as well, the Sailfish were an unexpected surprise... The first one being hooked and landed by 8:28 AM... within 20 minutes of beginning to troll. The rest of the day proved fruitless for billfish on our boat, after having set such high expectations so immediately. However, our boat was hot all morning long with frequent stops for nice sized Bonito... 20 fish in all for the 6 of us on the 40 footer. I always get seasick, but caught my full share just the same. My oldest son Steven (the Groom appropriately) was the one to catch that first Sail.  The boats were being competitive with each other and our captain radioed the other captain to boast our prompt catch to the disbelief of the group on the other boat.  The 37 footer ended up with 5 anglers on board and started a bit slower and caught less fish than we did... BUT... they had what must have been a boat load of excitement, even for the most experienced of crews. They trolled for close to two hours without a single stop... then THREE Sailfish hit simultaneously... five novice anglers were suddenly scrambling to pick-up rods, get into fighting chairs and begin to do battle... all while the Sails were flying everywhere across the stern. It all had to have been some kind of sight!! All three Sails were landed... and eventually another 7 Bonito for the 37 foot boat's group. The bite for both boats drew to a close about 11:00 AM as I had expected several weeks ago when looking at the tables.  Around 11:30 AM, the 37 footer pulled up along side to see our catch. We showed our abundance of Bonito and our Sail... then they lifted their THREE Sails!! Bragging done! Plenty of pictures on both boats and a video of the events on our boat... memories for a lifetime for all on board... and hoping to repeat them some day!" - Clyde from Long Beach, California

"Fishing on the Piquis is wonderful. George, the captain, and Juan, the deck hand, are both great. know how to get the boat on the fish.  They make the trip fun. as to the Piquis, she is beautiful! just like she looks in the pictures. this was our 3rd year fishing Banders Bay on the Piquis. if you want to have fun catch fish I highly recommend booking on her. we plan to fish her in 2013!!" - Marilyn from Dallas, Oregon

"There is nothing like leaving the dock and seeing the sun rise over beautiful PV. We had a great crew with William and John. Not to leave out Captain John. We started catching fish about 30 mins after being on the site Capt. John had picked for us. After we had caught some Bonitas, John took some below and came back with a wonderful treat. Fresh Ceviche. We had some lunch and drinks. After quite awhile we decided to move location. The fish were everywhere. The crew jumped into action. Four poles trolling. Two poles casting. Fish darting under the boat. We both sat in our fighting chairs and didn't get up for a hour. A great day and a special thanks to Capt. and Crew. We caught a lot of fish in 8 hours. Go PV Sportfishing, You wont be sorry!" - Brent and Kori  from Seattle, Washington

"We had a perfect day 13 Rooster fish, 5 Mahi-Mahi, 5 skipjack and a Barracuda. Captain John is the best. I have been out with him 4 times and have done well every time!" - Alan from Salt Lake City, Utah

"This was our first ocean charter and it was fantastic. We choose the 10 hr trip and it was just right. The crew was very helpful and very knowledgeable. We caught several fish and were able to bring some home and has been great. I highly recommend Puerto Vallarta Fishing for your next charter, I know we will! Thank you!" - Jeremiah from Waggoner, Illinois

"The boat was fantastico!  Captain Miguel and crew showed us a great time cruising around Bandaras Bay sighting a few whales and catching some great jack cravelles. They filleted a couple fish for us that we grilled that night and shared the rest with some of our Mexican hosts in Paradise Village. I would highly recommend this experience to any family who want to spend time on the water for whale watching, fishing or just cruising around. Captain Miguel was agreeable to all of our requests. Our group was six adults with three children ( 2 infants) with the facilities on board being very amenable for accommodating children for 4-6 hours. - Bill from Golden, Colorado

"Our primary fishing guide was a good communicator and took the time to ensure that the kids were ready for their adventure.  The guide ensured the kids were each able to reel in their catch with help. I will fish with your service in the future.  The lunch we purchased provided plenty of variety. Thank you!" - Scott from Tacoma, Washington

"There were 6 (3 males & 3 females) in our party and that was perfect. Our crew consisted of John (older), John (younger) and William.  They were all very personable and fun. We booked the 6 hour tour and that was just the right one for us.  The guys were excellent spotters and we caught 2 25 lb fish.  We had a great time - would recommend this tour to anyone.  The price was right, the crew were great, the boat had everything we needed and I'd definitely book with them again...no problem!" - Dudley from Bayfield, Ontario

"We were a bit worried about taking our 10 year old out for a half day, but he could have stayed out for the whole day!  Next time we will, it was great! Very friendly!"- Kellie from Regina, Saskatchewan

"Our family booked an airport transport to a private villa in PV.  It was great to find our driver waiting for us as promised.  He was polite, efficient and very helpful.  Definitely would use this service again. We also booked a deep sea fishing excursion.  The crew was fantastic! The boat was very nice and clean!" - Heather from Sherwood Park, Alberta

"We had a great time fishing.  It would be hard to improve upon the service and experience that we had but I do have a recommendation.  Our guide fixed what was similar to ceviche.  It was absolutely wonderful!  He did mention that in the future he could pick up some vegetables and prepare a proper ceviche for us, if he had some notice.  This would be a great offering for your customers if you could ask them if they would like a special dish, or specific kinds of drinks on the boat.  We will definitely be back!" - James from Hot Springs, Arkansas

"Our family had a great time on our 6 hour fishing trip. We started catching fish the moment the lines went in the water. Our biggest catch was a 35 pounder! The crew even made fresh ceviche on the boat with some of the fish we caught. The booking process was easy and the boat was just as it was pictured on the website!" - Kim from Corona, CA

"I was quite nervous never booking a tour before on line but this was a great experience and was handled professionally.  The boat and crew were great and in less than an hour we were catching fish and all of us caught at least 3 fish each. The crew was great and even fillet our fish for us. The point being that the boat and crew that was picked by your company was professional and fun. This beat our first fishing trip where we didn't even get a nibble.  I will definitely use your company again when we come to PV which is every year and thanks for such a memorable experience for us since it was the highlight of our trip end we have been in PV for the last 10 years!" - Donald from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

"This is the 2nd year we have gone fishing on the shared boat.  Both times we went on the Piqus with Captain George and Juan deck hand. Both times we had a fabulous time. The boat is spotless and well appointed.  George and Juan are very knowledgeable and had us on the fish both trips. We took our youngest daughter and her boyfriend with us this last time. We plan to go again come December 2012 and both our daughters and their boyfriend and husband plan to go with us. Highly recommend Puerto Vallarta Fishing to anyone who is looking to have fun and catch lots of big fish. Super easy booking the trips which was a big plus!" - Jim & Marilyn from Salem, Oregon

"My wife and I took a 12 hour trip and although we were hesitant about the duration it ended up being quite pleasant.  We thoroughly enjoyed the company of the captain and deck hand and caught several fish.  It was exciting even though we never did land that sailfish we hoped for (out of season)!" - Aaron from Lyman, Wyoming

"What an incredible fishing experience we had  this past Thursday Nov.13th, the boat the Totoaba was clean, the captain (Lalo) was very experienced and his first mate (Pepe) was as good as it gets. In 10 hours we were able to bring in 2 sailfish 125lb# and 2 bullhead mahi- mahi each weighing in around 40 to 50lbs. The bottom line is these guys know where to find the fish. It was a first rate fishing experience due to the hard work and knowledge of Lalo the captain and Pepe his first mate, two guys that never quit. Thank You for the Memories!" -  Neal from Houston, Texas

"Thank you for a wonderful fishing trip and great memories!  The two Juans and Michael were excellent crew and guides!  We caught some great fish, especially the sail fish and the huge dorado!It is too bad we have no place in our house to display such beautiful fish!" - John & Colin from Sammammish, Washington

"I am finally enclosing a copy of the Striped Marlin we caught in January.  My daughter caught it.  We had the best times of our lives!  The captain and Pepe were absolutely great in helping her bring in this fish.  This was the first experience for my daughter and they could not have been more helpful and great fun to spend the day with.  We do plan on coming back to repeat the trip next January.  We did decide to have the fish mounted and are anxiously awaiting the delivery. Thank You!" - Debbie, Lisa and Steve from Monee, Illinois

"I thought I'd drop you a line about our fishing trip on Tuesday, 13 November.  We were picked up at the Paradise Village Marina in Nuevo Vallarta at about 7:05 AM by Lolla and Jose' in their well equipped fishing boat.  We quickly traveled to Corbatena for our fishing experience. While on the way, Jose' set the bait and readied the lines.  On the previous evening, I had called and verified lunch and ordered sodas, water and beer.  In addition, we brought some snacks and extra sodas that were properly stowed by Jose'.  In case you're wondering, Lolla, the captain, spent his time piloting the boat, watching his upper lines and looking for fish.  Fishing lines hit the water at 8:30.  The first dorado hit at 8:45 and, with the help and guidance of Jose', my 14 year old grandson pulled in his first ever salt water fish.  15 minutes later my 12 year old granddaughter pulled in another dorado.  Then my wife caught another dorado.  This one weighed close to 50 pounds!  By 9:30, we had 3 good sized fish!  Later in the morning we hooked a sailfish, but the fighter spit out the hook before we could set it.  Late morning we caught another dorado.  Shortly after noon we hooked a 60+ pound dorado and that was landed by my granddaughter.  Before we could even get all the lines back in the water, Bam! another one!  Then things got slow in the early afternoon when all the fish went for siesta.  We were just about ready to give up when a 120 pound sailfish went for an afternoon snack!  Had a great time fighting this one!   Jose' lost his club trying to stun the fish when we finally got it alongside so he used his fist to knock it out!  Trolled back towards the Marietas islands with no more luck but what a day!  6 dorado and one sailfish!  Of course we'll do it again!  Oh, and the box lunches were delicious!" - Thomas from Padukah, Kentucky

"The hospitality my girlfriend and I received on our adventure was second to none.  The crew took great care of us, were very hospitable, and tried their hardest to find us a good catch.  This was one of two that our boat caught that day; the second being larger than this one.  Thank-you for an extremely memorable moment!" - Lee and Shanda from Grande Prairie, Alberta


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