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Last Updated: April 1st, 2020 

What is Coronavirus?

COVID -19, best known as Coronavirus, is a virus that was first discovered in Wuhan, China, at the end of December. Since then, it has spread around the globe, but what is it exactly? Coronavirus is a respiratory affection in which the symptoms are similar to a cold or flu. This virus is caused by a Coronavirus type called SARS- CoV-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus 2).

Coronavirus COVID-19 Latest Updates
Country Confirmed Cases Total Recovered
United States 189,753 7,141
Italy 105,792 15,729
Spain 102,136 22,647
China 82,361 76,403
Mexico 1,215 35
Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus in Puerto Vallarta up to date:1

Why are people saying it is similar? Because of the symptoms presented in a person, these symptoms are dry cough, fever, tiredness, and shortness of breath. Now COVID-19 can have other emergency signs such as pain in the chest, inability to arouse or bluish lips, if someone is showing one of these signs, we recommend to be checked by a doctor immediately and take the necessary steps to prevent further infections.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases

According to the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University

Current Status of Mexico and Puerto Vallarta

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, Puerto Vallarta's authorities announced on March 17th, that the city had entered into a preventive quarantine. This decision was made as an action to protect their citizens and prevent COVID-19 from spreading into the city.

In Mexico, Hugo Lopez, the undersecretary of Health, announced that it had entered now in the activation of phase 2 of the Coronavirus contingency. He added that since this phase was activated, places with concentrations of more than 100 people weren't allowed.

As for the State of Jalisco, the Governor assured that they will implement a plan to detect Coronavirus at an early stage to prevent other people from getting infected. Therefore, they'll enter into a phase of massive application of tests for COVID-19 expecting to get a rapid diagnose to act fast. At this moment, they're still waiting for the tests to arrive.

For the moment, Puerto Vallarta has registered one case of Coronavirus, out of the 1,215 cases that are in other parts of Mexico. We want to highlight that from these, 35 are recovered, and the rest are under treatment.

Today, Jalisco's Health Secretariat, reported that after the study of multiple suspected coronavirus cases in 61 municipalities, the only confirmed cases have been found in the following locations: Zapopan, Guadalajara, Cuautla, Tomatlan, Tecolotlan, and now Puerto Vallarta.

What is happening in Puerto Vallarta regarding...

Airports —

Puerto Vallarta's airport has taken intensive health measures to protect the city from the Coronavirus outbreak. Therefore; The Jalisco Health Secretariat (SSJ) has intervened, and under their supervision, medical screening filters have been installed.

These filters are thermal control checks and other medical evaluations to corroborate tourists are not presenting coronavirus symptoms and don't have the infection. These actions are also being practiced in bus stations and ports. As for ports, all terminal of the Puerto Vallarta Port Authority, and in their docks, all have the same measures.

As of today, the State of Jalisco has reached 95 Coronavirus confirmed cases. Due to this occurrence, Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramirez asked Puerto Vallarta's airport the suspension of some tourism flights. He said he took this action as a measure to prevent and protect the city.

This suspension only applies on flights coming from countries that have been decreed with a high rate of coronavirus cases; the flights with humanitarian and cargo purposes are excluded from this and can operate.

In this context, we share with you a list of airlines that are also taking measures:

  • Interjet: You can change the date of your flight for free if it is between Mexico and other countries, and between the dates of March to June 30, 2020. The only restrictions are that you have to maintain the same route, and it can be until November 30, 2020.
  • Southwest Airlines: All flights suspended through May 4, 2020.

As a new announcement, the Command of the First Region of Aerial Inspection notified the cancellation of operations in 13 airports around Mexico; luckily, Puerto Vallarta's airport is not on this list.

The Pacific Airport Group confirmed that for the moment, Puerto Vallarta's terminals and activities are operating in a regular schedule, but they assured they're complying with the regulation of suspending flights from places with high rates of cases, as asked by the Governor of Jalisco. They also are applying health filters at the airport to protect the city.

Hotels —

In the case of Hotels, The Jalisco Ministry of Tourism established with them to take the proper hygiene measures to take which go from cleaning the grid of the air conditioner, avoid meals where people have a contact like buffets, regularly disinfecting all the gym equipment and elevators keypad even to have kits of emergency in case there is a person that presents any coronavirus symptoms. All this to protect their new visitors, clients, and Puerto Vallarta's population.

There's a significant effort made to keep the safeness of clients and employees, but although measures have been taken, hotels have received cancellations. Guests are canceling their rooms for Easter and even months that are further, which is worrying because it is a city where tourism is a primary part of the economy.

In fact, here is a small list of Puerto Vallarta's Hotels that are already taking actions in order to prevent Coronavirus:

  • Decameron Hotels No new guests are being received from March 21 through the tentative date of May 31, 2020.
  • Riu Palace Jalisco They will close the hotel, and their guests will be relocated in Riu Vallarta from March 24 through the tentative date of April 29, 2020.

Bars & Restaurants —

Restaurants, just like hotels, were also advised by the Jalisco Ministry of Tourism to establish the proper restaurant hygiene protection for their clients. Some of the measures are No tables mounted with glasses or cutlery, maintaining social distancing with their tables, no buffet meals allowed, no menus to prevent the contact of people, disinfection of work areas and dispensers of anti-bacterial around the restaurant, these among a 25% of reduction in their restaurant capacity.

In the nightlife case, this past March 17 was announced the temporary closure of bars, casinos, cantinas, nightclubs and party events. Jalisco Governor, Enrique Ramirez said it is an intensive measure to prevent Coronavirus from spreading in the city and of course promote social distancing.

Despite the measures mentioned before, today, the President of the Restaurant Association in Puerto Vallarta announced that around 60% of restaurants had preferred to close their doors. This after the measure of staying home for 5 days recommended by the Governor on March 21th, 2020. Aditionally, the Government is suggesting that all restaurants remain to operate in a take-out only modality, which promotes social distancing.

Cruise Ships —

It has been announced that Cruise Ship will stop its operations for up to 5 weeks. This decision was made as a prevention measure for stopping the Coronavirus from spreading. Cruises won't be arriving in any Mexico Port. This means no traffic at Puerto Vallarta's port.

Some of the cruise companies that are involved in this decision are Disney, Norwegian, Carnival, Princess, Regent Seven Seas, Celebrity, Holand America, Amadeo, and others.

And although the decision is made, Jose Musi Ganem, The Weast Coast Coordinator of the Mexican Cruise Association, hopes that they'll be back to the port within 2 weeks, but this will depend on the evolution of Coronavirus around the world. Right now we all need to protect our population.

As a result of the COVID-19 emergency, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, and Princess Cruises reported that their suspension of operations will be extended until May 11. Many Cruise companies are facing a difficult moment, and because of it, they're currently not extending their period of suspension, hoping to continue operating around April 11. See all the list here.

As for Mexico, today, The Secretary of Navy issued an instruction to all port Captains of suspending all boats with recreational o sports purposes in the country. The Secretary stated that this measure was taken to prevent Coronavirus from spreading in the city, being effective from March 29th, until further notice.

Is there any restriction related to fishing in Puerto Vallarta? Because of the zero COVID-19 cases, there are still no mandatory restrictions related to fishing, but Puerto Vallarta's Major has invited their citizens to stay home. This measure was taken after Jalisco's Government called the population to stay home for the next 5 days as part of a plan of COVID-19 contingency. Read more.

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More Information On Coronavirus COVID-19

Am I Vulnerable to Coronavirus?

During the evolution of the virus, information revealed that some people are more vulnerable to Coronavirus than others, like older adults and those who have any chronic medical conditions like Heart diseases, Lung disease or diabetes.

Still, the reality is that it anyone can contract the virus, but if you have children or you are a young adult you have to be aware that the infection won't be severe, of course, the first step is taking the right precautions to stay healthy and stop the coronavirus from spreading.

What Hygiene Measures should we all take?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has shared some of the practices we can do to protect ourselves from getting Coronavirus, or in case you are traveling you can also practice them. These are:

  1. Wash your hands really often, and in case you can't wash them right away, use hand sanitizer.
  2. Don't touch your eyes, mouth, or in general, your face with your hands dirty because you might have been in touch with germs.
  3. When coughing or sneezing, use your elbow and do it into it.
  4. Maintain a social distancing of at least 3 feet if there's someone sick.
  5. If you get sick: Contact your doctor immediately or go to a hospital for them to practice some tests and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.
You can also follow these recommendations: try to prepare your food and avoid crowded spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions about Coronavirus (FAQ's)

Q. Will I be safe traveling to Puerto Vallarta?
A. We can assure you that for the safety of our guests, we've taken the correct prevention protocols for you to do your activity without a problem. Now, we know some countries such as U.S.A. and Canada have closed their borders; therefore, you might not be able to travel.

In the case you had a fishing activity booked with us, we motivate you to not to cancel your trip, but rather postpone it until is safe to be back to our Vallarta Paradise. We can help you to reschedule by calling our Toll-Free from U.S.A and Canada 1 (877) 849-6496.

Q. What is the current status of businesses in Puerto Vallarta?
A. Due to the quarantine and the Coronavirus emergency, Jalisco's Governor announced the temporary closure of bars, casinos, cantinas, nightclubs, and party events. Also, some restaurant, as a response to prevent coronavirus from spreading, decided to close their doors. Puerto Vallarta's authorities are implementing various measures, but we have to understand all these are to protect their citizens and visitors.

How to Protect Yourself

As you know, the way Coronavirus COVID-19 spreads is through droplets from people who carry the virus. The best way to protect yourself is to follow personal hygiene habits and advise.

Some of the things you can do include:

  • Clean your hands often
  • Practice social distancing
  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Cover coughs and sneezes
  • Disinfect frequently touched surfaces

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